• Think title - choose a title that clearly portrays your product. This will help catch people's attention and make them more attracted to clicking your add.
  • Decent price - find out what similar products/services cost to help you gauge how much to charge for yours. The fairer the price, the higher the chance for a quick sale.
  • Be safe - remember to use common sense and take the same precautions online as you would offline. Check our Safety page for more tips on staying safe.
  • Detailed description of the product - this will speed up the sale and reduce time spent answering questions from potential buyers/sellers.
  • Plenty of pictures - the more pictures you have, the easier it is for people to gauge whether your item is suitable for them, and the more likely they will be attracted to clicking it. It also helps to push your add up the listings.
  • Be polite when communicating with potential sellers and buyers to increase the chance of them coming back.
  • Check spelling errors - this will help make your ad seem more professional than one with lots of errors.
  • Share you ad with your friends/family/colleagues on other websites to increase the speed of the sale e.g. Facebook, Twitter etc.
PLease use the report button to let us know if you have an issue with any ad. We will then investigate it. Please report an ad if you come across:
  • A seller who insists that you send or transfer money to them before you receive the product or service.
  • A suspicious individual, organization, product or service.
  • An organization that has already ceased operating.
  • A suspicious message from a buyer or seller.
  • An advert that is in the wrong category.
  • A suspicious advert that seems fake.
  • An offer or deal that is out of date.
  • An inappropriate image or language.
  • A prohibited item.
  • Any other violation.
All the free ads stay on for 1 month.

You can remove your ad yourself at any stage by logging into your account. It's a good idea to remove your ad when you've sold the items so that you don't get more calls from people trying to buy your item. It also increases the chance of more people coming back to you in future.

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